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Our Story

“Mae” = “Mum”

We are all about Mamas here at For Mae.

Motherhood is and should be a beautiful time but unfortunately for many, it can be exhausting and full of confusion.

Born out of the desire for clothing that are chic and versatile, sisters-in-law, Deirdre and Jasmine created For Mae to provide Mums with a wardrobe of clothing for all occasions. Having five kids between the two of us and knowing how time poor Mums are, we believe dressing up should be effortless to give Mums one less thing to worry about. It is our dream to make it easy for women to take on each day with confidence.

For Mae’s collections are designed to make every stage of motherhood enjoyable, comfortable and fun. We are also dedicated to ethical manufacturing and creating  nursing & breastfeeding clothing with natural fabrics as much as possible.

We hope you enjoy browsing the store and find something you love, We can’t wait to share your motherhood journey with you.



Using Natural Fabrics Where Possible

For Mae is proud to manufacture a range of eco-friendly wear that’s not only kind to you but also to our environment to make sure we keep the Earth a good place for our children and generations after us to live in.

Types of fabrics typically used at For Mae:

• Cotton - It is breathable, absorbs moisture and lasts for a long time. This makes it great for those sensitive skin.

• Linen - It does not cling to you and therefore, this makes it perfect for the warmer days.

• Rayon - It is a cellulosic fibre. The cellulose is often derived from wood pulp, which has an average cellulose content of forty percent, and sometimes from bamboo. It is very breathable, absorbs moisture and is soft to the skin which makes it another fabric great for warmer days.

• Viscose - It is another fibre made from regenerated wood pulp. It has the ability to hold bold and bright colours, which means that there will not be much fading. It is very breathable too.

Unfortunately, a blend with less than 10% of lycra has to be used sometimes so there will be some elasticity to the fabric.

We know that polyester is unbreathable and can be very uncomfortable to wear. It is also very harmful towards our environment. Therefore, we have been very conscious in picking fabrics with very little or no polyester content.

We will be looking into modal, Tencel, bamboo fabrics and organic cotton for future production so stay tuned for more. 

Reducing plastics and using recyclable materials.

All clothing (except those in our Emilia Elliott range) will not be sent in poly bags as it is a waste of plastics and we have so many from all our samples and earlier production (think of all that going into the sea if not disposed properly! Eek!). All purchases will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a compostable satchel!

We’ve decided to ditch the use of plastic satchels and instead use satchels from They are not only pretty, they are made out of corn starch and can be thrown into your compost bins at home and there are plenty of ways to reuse these satchels (like using them as plant pots instead of buying pots!). These satchels will be able to provide the same protection for the clothing while it’s being delivered to you.