Dresses + Jumpsuits

Breastfeeding & Nursing Dresses In Australia

Our breastfeeding-friendly dresses and jumpsuits are practical, functional and specially designed to handle everything motherhood throws your way. And they’re also stylish.
We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style, fashion and comfort just because you’re nursing. We stock a wide selection of maternity, breastfeeding and nursing dresses that are perfect for work, playdates, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and any other special occasions.

Our casual range includes light and airy summer dresses, essential tank tops and T-shirt dresses, and versatile jumpsuits. And for those special events, we even have semi-formal dresses with sneaky hidden zips so no one will even know it’s a breastfeeding dress.

Our entire collection of breastfeeding tops and nursing dresses are available Australia-wide and we can ship internationally. All our nursing and breastfeeding-friendly clothing are designed in Australia and made from premium quality, natural materials.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Dresses - Designed for Mum Life

We know from experience that mum life has its challenges. Our range of nursing-friendly dresses and jumpsuits are specially designed to meet those challenges without compromising style or comfort.

Practical and convenient, all our dresses and jumpsuits feature functional nursing access with options to feed from the front or side. Our designs subtly incorporate zips, buttons and press studs for easy breastfeeding access without the risk of those awkward oops moments.

Now let’s talk pockets. We LOVE pockets! All our dress and jumpsuit designs include generous pockets because pockets are life!

And we know that length matters when it comes to picking up bubs or chasing toddlers. That’s why all our dresses are cut to practical lengths (not too long, not too short).

Our post-pregnancy range is made from all-natural fabrics that are comfortable and durable. We make sure our dresses are tough enough to handle all the pulling and stretching that comes with curious little hands.

A number of our favourites are also reversible, so they can be worn back-to-front as a normal dress after your breastfeeding journey is over. All our nursing clothes and breastfeeding dresses and jumpsuits are designed in Australia with your comfort in mind and come pre-washed and pre-shrunk for your convenience.

Designed for Mum Changing Bodies

We understand the challenges of clothes shopping after having a baby. All our dresses are designed to accommodate your changing body. We also make use of stretchy fabrics, subtly elasticised or adjustable waists and flattering cuts to celebrate the curves.

Good for You and the Environment

Our breastfeeding-friendly dresses are also designed to be earth-friendly because we want to make sure our children can enjoy a happy and healthy planet.

We try to avoid synthetic fabrics wherever possible, especially polyester. Instead, all our dresses are made from comfortable and breathable natural materials like cotton, linen, rayon and tencel, which are sustainably sourced from renewable materials.