Introducing Extended Sizing - Sizes 6 to 24

Introducing Extended Sizing - Sizes 6 to 24

We are extremely over the moon to be able to introduce our extended size range starting off with our Brooke tees! This has been in the works for quite a few years. About three years ago when we did baby expos in Sydney and Melbourne, we had many Mums come up to us asking what size our clothes go up to. It was heartbreaking for us to hear of the difficulty in finding nice clothes in larger sizes. At that time, our range went up to a size 14. We then managed to push it to size 18 in the last year and finally we can proudly say that we have our latest Brooke tees up to size 24!

Honestly, there were many challenges. We had to spend hours on research into plus sized fashion to understand what types of designs would work and the difference in body shapes. That was actually a very enjoyable process. We are always so amazed at how different our bodies are but yet each person is beautiful.

The other issue we had was grading clothes differently. It was all new to us but we had to keep trying. We've always wanted to help Mums feel confident and beautiful even while feeding so how could that just include certain sizes? We aim to be inclusive of all types of Mums. The idea of extended sizing was also new to our factories and we had to ease them into the process. We were very thankful that they were keen to learn too so that they could also increase their expertise.

After months of working this out with them, we are extremely pleased to say that most of our designs will be in sizes 6-24. Continual improvement is always our priority and we are trying our best to make changes in the clothing designs from feedback we get so thank you to our beloved For Mae tribe for always supporting us and sending us DMs about what you love and dislike. We hope that you're just as excited about this news as we are. Please let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you. 

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