Easy and hassle free feeding with another child in tow

Easy and hassle free feeding with another child in tow

Having a second child is often easier than the first as you have more confidence in your instincts. However, this also comes with another set of challenges. Attention has to be split between the two and you're often tired from caring for the newborn and having to run around with an energetic toddler. Your toddler who used to be the centre of the world now has to share this world with another. It is important to understand this and be patient during this time of change for your toddler.

One challenge that many mothers face is breastfeeding a newborn with a toddler hanging around. Here are some tips we hope would help:

1. Include them in the process

Show them pictures of how you used to breastfeed them and how you loved spending them with them that way even though it was a million hours 😆 use your other arm to cuddle them or do an activity (because Mums can multi task heaps!) ⁣⁣

2. Nurse them together⁣⁣

If they are still nursing, you can choose to nurse them at the same time. It's a time when they are learning to cope with a new person having their Mum's attention. This might be a way to show they are still very loved. However, we feel that this should be done towards to end to ensure that the younger one gets proper nourishment.

3. Pretend play with them.

Toddler with breastpump

Ask them to join you by feeding their dolls/teddy/etc. This is one way we can start raising awareness of breastfeeding. Train them up when they are young 😊⁣⁣ It is very cute when they imitate us as well, don't you think?
Any other tips that anyone has? Share here so we can help other Mamas too.

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